Do I have to use pins?

No, just fold the diaper in thirds with the extra-absorbent panel in the center, lay it in the diaper cover, and then fasten the cover. So simple! Snug fitting covers work best for this fold, so users of wool soakers and looser pull on covers may choose to use pins or Snappi to secure the diaper and prevent shifting.

Do I need to soak or rinse the diapers before putting them in the pail?

Shake off any solids you can into your toilet and then simply put the diaper in the pail with the rest of your soiled diapers. You will know when this applies to your diapers (for example, breastfed babies usually don’t have formed stools until well after the introduction of solid foods). Please do not dispose of wipes in your pail.

When will you come to pick up our used diapers and deliver fresh ones?

We currently deliver on Tuesdays. Please have your diapers out by 8am. If there is a change in schedule due to a major holiday, we will let you know in advance when to leave out your diapers.

Do I need to be home for the deliveries?

No, you do not need to be home. You leave the diapers at the pre-designated location and we’ll take care of the rest. However, we’ll happily stop in for families who are new to cloth to show you how things work, show you different folding options and share some helpful hints.

Oh no, I forgot to leave my diapers out, what should we do?

We still leave out diapers the first time it happens. However we do need to get the soiled diapers as soon as possible to avoid ruining the diapers. Just contact us to make arrangements to get them to us as soon as possible. If you do not and the diapers are ruined there is a $1.50 charge for each diaper.

After the first time it will be your responsibility to drop off the diapers to our home office.

What do I do with the clean diapers I have left over at the end of the week?

Keep a few for the transition period, but please do not keep more than that as it greatly affects our inventory. It is very important that you leave the rest out in a clean plastic or paper bag (grocery bags are perfect for this) with your bag of used diapers. PLEASE DO NOT PUT SOILED DIAPERS IN PLASTIC BAGS, they will mold very quickly.

Can I get a refund for the diapers I didn’t use this week?

Diaper service is essentially a rental situation. You rent a set amount of diapers each week. Like a movie rental you pay for it even if you don’t watch/use it. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for unused diapers. If you find that you are using fewer diapers on a regular basis we can drop the number down and decrease your weekly fee for future weeks.

How do I pay for diaper service? 

We accept checks or cash.

How often should I pay you?

You can pay weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If you choose weekly payment we ask that you leave a check or cash out with your soiled diapers. 

If you choose monthly or quarterly, payment is due the first week of that period. If your diaper use decreases or increases over that period we will keep track and issue you a credit for decreases or bill you for the increases on the next billing cycle.

Please note that if you pay quarterly, the 13th week is free!

I forgot to leave payment with my soiled diapers, what should I do?

If you pay weekly, just leave double the next week. If you pay monthly or quarterly, you can leave your check out the following week or send it in the mail. After three weeks of non-payment we will suspend diaper delivery until your account is paid up.

I’m pregnant and want to use your service, when should I contact you?

You can contact us any time. We deliver a pre-birth set of clean diapers a week or two before your ‘due’ date. When your baby is born, you call us and we’ll plan to pick up dirty diapers on the next diaper delivery date. Registration can be done no more than one month before your due date.

What is the delivery area?

We currently deliver to the communities of Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, Falmouth, Cumberland, Yarmouth, Freeport, Cape Elizabeth

I’ve heard cloth diapers are great for cleaning, is it okay for me to use your diapers for cleaning my home or car?

No. Unfortunately using our diapers for cleaning will stain them permanently. If you use of our regular service diapers for cleaning and the diaper is stained, we will have to charge you $1.50 for each diaper ruined.

Can I purchase diaper service for a friend or relative?

Of course, diaper service is a great gift. Gift Certificates can only be sold once the expecting parent(s) have registered for service. Once they are registered you choose how many weeks of service or what amount you would like to gift them, send us payment and we’ll send them (or you) a gift certificate. They can redeem the gift certificate at any time. Gift certificates are not refundable if the person chooses not to use the service nor are they redeemable for cash. For this reason, it is always wise to check with them to be certain they want to use our service.

How do you wash the diapers?

The washing of our diapers is handled with the utmost high level of care and thoroughness.  The washing temperature is so high that bacteria have no chance to survive. Meticulous rinsing also makes sure that there is no soap or residue to irritate baby’s skin.

Oops, I think I accidentally put one of my covers (a onesie, a pocket diaper, a liner, a wipe, etc) in the bag of dirty diapers, what do I do?

Have no fear, just give us a call or e-mail us and let us know what size and style cover (or item) you lost and we will do our best to locate it for you.

My baby has a diaper rash, what diaper creams do you recommend?

There are many natural diaper salves on the market with gentle oils and soothing herbs. Never ever use Desitin or other mainstream diaper creams as the chemicals and oils they are made with leave permanent yellow stains. 

My diaper pail smells what can I use to keep odors down?

Believe it or not, leaving the lid up or cracked open can help. If that doesn’t work, you can purchase Deo-disks or Citrus Circles that fit in the built in slot in the lid. A more natural option is to put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball or square of flannel and tape it to the inside of the lid. You can do the same and toss it in the bottom of the pail before you put in your new liner as well. Some to try are tea tree, sweet orange, lemon or lemongrass. Giving the pail a good cleaning once in a while and allowing it to air dry can also help with odors. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF LAVENDER DUE TO AN ALLERGY. Thank you!